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Our christian marriage course is available throughout the UK (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) to strengthen and enhance any marriage with bible based tools and principlesThe mission is simple - equipping couples to make their homes powerful lighthouses in their neighbourhoods, reaching out to those around them in the storms of life. The ultimate goal is a powerful godly home on every street of every town and city of every nation throughout the world.

Founders Mike and Marilyn Phillipps experienced God’s healing power in their own marriage. From the ashes, a new understanding of the power of covenant arose – a new hope, forged in the heart of God. They have written a booklet about their experiences called 'First Aid for a Wounded Marriage' which can be found on the main 2=1 website

 In 2=1’s unique resources and courses, you won’t find quips or simple solutions to a happy marriage. Instead, you’ll discover how the Word of God can breathe new life into your marriage as you discover the power of covenant


Mike and Lyn Thomas
International Directors, Europe


STOP PRESS: BOOKING IS NOW OPEN FOR OUR 2018 MARRIAGE ENHANCEMENT CONFERENCE (16-18 February 2018) which looks at the effect of busyness on our lives and marriages today.  Please click here for a short promo video about it.  Please click the Events tab at the bottom of this page for more details about the conference and a booking form.  

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