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Mike and Marilyn Phillipps 

Mike and Marilyn Phillipps 

Mike and Marilyn Phillipps interview Dick and Pearl Wilson who share how troubled their marriage was for the first 37 years. They share the pressures that separation due to military postings brought into the marriage and the pain of Dick's selfish lifestyle. Pearl was resolved to staying with the marriage regardless of Dick's desire to divorce and that was the start to the healing of their marriage.

Mike and Marilyn Phillipps interview Ed and Jody Gryder about the trauma their marriage suffered in the first years. Surgeries, inability to have children, a drug habit, alcoholism, violence and isolation all added to the pressures that nearly tore them apart.

Mike and Marilyn Phillipps interview David and Kathy about how they lived their married life as "Married Singles" and how this developed into competitiveness between them and lack of trust.

Mike and Marilyn's daughter Cristine asks some hard questions about their marriage when she interviews her folks. Hear about marriage healing from a daughter's perspective.

Joe and Stephanie DeMott interview Mike and Marilyn Phillipps as they share the years of healing that came after they were reconciled. 

Mike and Marilyn Phillipps interview Joe and Stephanie DeMott about how divorce damages those involved. Joe shares about how his violence and abuse towards Stephanie when they were dating and how his control issues continued into their marrriage. Stephanie shares about the things that kept her in the abusive relationship and the reasons she accepted the cycle of abuse.

Mike and Marilyn Phillipps talk with Joe and Stephanie DeMott about how their marriage survived infidelity. They talk about the reasons why Joe cheated, the cycle of abuse Stephanie experienced and the reasons why Stephanie committed adultery and the guilt she lived with. Hear how their marriage got beyond this impossible state and grew into a wonderful loving relationship.

Mike and Marilyn Phillipps interview David Broom as he relates a difficult period in Maxine's and his marriage. Hear how trust was eroded through infidelity and the struggles they went through and how they broke through to enjoy the strong marriage they have today.

Mike and Marilyn Phillipps interview Steve and Linda McMillan as they share about the pressures of separation that military life has on a marriage. After a previous failed marriage, hear how Steve learned to stand against the odds as he and Linda fought to keep their marriage together.

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