Confronting Adultery

I just found out that my husband committed adultery.  I am devastated and hurt so much I can hardly breathe.  What should I do?


Discovering that the person you love most on the face of the earth has entered into a relationship with someone else is truly a shock. Feelings can range from anger to total despair, and those feelings often change daily. The relationship may have been hidden or your spouse may be in adultery openly and wanting to end the marriage. Whatever your situation, the first thing you want to do is go to Jesus.

There is no counsel, no words of advice, nor any man-made solution that can compare with His comfort and wisdom.  He loves you and longs to minister to your broken heart. Go to Jesus first and simply be honest with Him about how you are feeling. There’s nothing in your heart that He does not already know. Pour your heart out and receive His unconditional love and acceptance.  Before doing anything else, you need to begin healing through the Healer. Your husband’s repentance is not something you can demand. You can only be responsible for your own heart and your own obedience. As you pray for him, God will deal with his heart and life. 

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