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Jun 23, 2007 5:19 pm
Infants, Toddlers & "Big Kids"

Thomas and I have 4 children their ages are 4,3,3 &1. They are a huge handful they will all have birthdays this fall in Oct., Nov., and Dec.. We are trying our very best to raise these kids right and it always seems that we come up short. I know thst perfection is not what God requires. However we right now would love to just be able to enjoy them instead of feeling as though it is constant work. Any ideas on some ways we can discipline? Currently we have one imparticular she is one of the twins and she is very strong willed and it is very difficult to spank her much less get her to listen when we talk to her. I will elaborate more later. I am going to have to step away for a few minutes. So let me know what you all think. Thanks in advance for your wisdon and please keep us in prayer.

(T) Jessica Dromgoole

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Jun 24, 2007 10:04 am
4 children 4 and under

It is easy to feel overwhelmed when parenting young children especially when they are so close in age. We have three children who are entering their teenage years but I can vividly remember what it was like to parent them when they were 4,2 and newborn.
Consistency, consistency, consistency one of the big keys to parenting. Children need to understand that if you set a boundary that it is always there and that it won't change on an hourly or daily basis. This can be really hard to do especially when you are incredibly busy and I would imagine incredibly tired.
Talk to Thomas and decide together what the big issues are with each child. In other words what part of their behaviour do you need to target. I remember some wise words we heard where "choose your fights" in other words decide which area you would like to see change and decide what boundary you are going to put in place.
Being proactive and talking about situations before they arise will give you the chance to decide on an 'appropriate' punishment. What is appropriate for the 2 year old might not be appropriate for the 4 year old.
I hope this helps. Feel free to ask any more questions as they come to mind.

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