Married for Life Onsite Class Registration (Credit Card)

        We are delighted that you are interested in signing up for a Married for Life course.

This registration is for US groups only. For info on international groups click here.


Registration Fee for On Site group

Registration for the Married for Life on site course is $50. 

Registration is reduced to $35 for any couple that has attended a 2=1 course before.


Please Note: We keep our registration fees low and count on couples to give donations as the Lord leads them during the course. If you do not want to participate in giving, the following fees are available with no expectation of further giving.

     $165 with no expectation to give donations in class.

     Alumni discount: $140 with no expectation to give donations in class.


We ask that if you choose the lower registration fee, you will honor your choice and donate beyond that fee.


Canada: Due to mailing costs, registration for Canadian on site classes is $60 USD for those willing to give tax deductible donations during the class and $175 USD with no expectation to give donations.


*Please make sure you enter the ID# of the Couple leading the class for which you are registering.
Entering the wrong number may delay or prevent your inclusion in the class.


If you do not have a Group ID# click here.

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