Married for Life

Twelve weeks that will change your marriage


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Married for Life 

... a real possibility or just a great concept? Do you know it takes more preparation and testing to get a driver's license than a marriage license?  

Did you realize that people invest time in preparing for a career, learning a new skill, or developing a talent yet they often marry believing it will "just come naturally"? 


Who teaches us how to succeed in marriage? Where do we go to find out how to not just survive, but to thrive? 


Well, we believe it's always best to go to the source. Who created marriage? That's the one who should have the answers!

Our Married for Life course has been strengthening marriages since 1983. It's success is simply because it is based on God's blueprint for marriage. He wants us to thrive in the covenant relationship of marriage that He created.



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You will learn...


Week 1 - Is your marriage a covenant or a contract? Do you know the difference?



Week 2 - How do two become one? Learn if you're helping or hindering the process.


Week 3 - What is a wife supposed to do? How about a husband?

 The answers may surprise you.

Week 4 - Things don't just happen by accident. Learn the connection between today's actions and tomorrow's outcome.

Week 5 - Is it really possible to forgive? Under what circumstances? How many times do you need to forgive?

Week 6 - Sometimes you're just looking at each other through the wrong lenses.

 Learn how to improve your vision.

Week 7 - Don't skip this important step on your way to the bedroom.


Week 8 - Don't think you'll ever agree? This lesson may surprise you.


Week 9 - Your sex life will never be the same again after this lesson.


Week 10 - Learn to fight the right way. Identify your enemy, choose your weapons.


Week 11 - Make the changes last! Learn how to ensure that what you've started

   won't stop.


Week 12 - Going beyond the status quo. You're a team now, make the most of it!



What couples are saying about Married for Life:

“We both felt everything was great and we did not need to know anything else. But attending each class we grew to know what the Lord has in store for our marriage. We grew as one, learned how God’s requirements on marriage are very important.”
D and E, Charleston SC
“Our marriage has always been good. A few challenges in stressful moving, but spiritually we had gotten off God’s path and on our own agenda. God has brought us together in agreement to pray and seek him together.”
C and T, Page AZ
“Putting God first has brought us closer, we are better able to work together on “Life’s little problems”, and big ones too.”
M and B, Winston, GZ
“We’d been married 14 years, and were 3 weeks into trying to figure out how to re-connect and keep it together, 2 weeks post divorce papers withdrawn. We have truly become one. Conflicts come but are short lived. We consider each other. Put the other first and look to one another for strength.”
B and L, GA.
“Our marriage was on life support prior to beginning MFL. We had been in marriage counseling for six months prior to MFL as well.”
(Husband- Recognizing and fulfilling the role of a husband.)
(Wife- Allowing the Holy Spirit to change my heart.)
(Us- Making decisions using Godly agreement. (Communication).”
K and K, GA.
“We have intentionally sought to communicate more because of the class. This helps us stay on the same page concerning issues we may face
L and S, GA
“We have gained some tools and moved forward in the area of one-ness. There were some areas of help that surpassed expectations also. Following up with the assignment to pray together everyday has been a great help to us in many areas.”
J and A, NC
Changes that have been made in your life as a result of being in the Married for Life class?
“Pray together more. We practice Godly agreement. More open with our feelings. We have a better understanding of the importance of spiritual warfare.
B and K, NC
“Our marriage is better today because of what we had learned and by applying it to our marriage.”
R and Y, NM
“Realize that our one flesh was very important in the sight of God. Covering each other in prayer when he’s at work and I am at home. Discerning for each other, looking into each others eyes, respecting each other’s duties.”
T and P, NM

“We both feel that we can communicate to other couples how the Lord has used our past for good. The Lord has brought us a long way, and we have a desire to see other couples healed as we were. 2=1 coaching means being able to reach out to other marriages, and share with them the things that the Lord has taught you to help your marriage. It means   having a desire for discipleship, a desire to see other couples built up.”

A and M, AZ

“We failed to meet in agreement on many things. We did not pray together. Our sexual intimacy was non existent. We had taken the class once before, but it was as if we had not taken the class together. We wanted to truly learn how to have a God centered marriage and be able to live it out. We knew it was one thing to learn and hear but another to learn and apply it to our marriage. This class has exceeded our expectations. We know that it is up to us to daily apply the principles leaned. We have begun to come into agreement on decisions before making them. Our sexual intimacy has been blessed. We have begun to read the word together and pray together a lot more. We feel we have been called to minister to youth and share our lives as a testimony to minister to share how the Lord has changed us individually and together.”

M and T, AZ

Describe your marriage when you began this class:

“We were broken up- separated and I (wife) wanted a divorce. We were living both unhappily, with hate and sin.”

What did you expect to get out of this class?

“ A way to see married life positive. To re-connect to put the pieces back together of what was broken. To learn new things, new ways of being a married couple. To stay together and not end up in divorce?”

Were your expectations met?

“Yes!! They were! God has changed some ways that we never thought would be. He has given us new love for each other, new life, new everything. And a new life together with a (Baby)!! God is still working in our lives, and we know that He will continue what He has started.”

Describe your marriage today:

It is a lot better. We don’t fight like we used to. We forgive each other very fast now within (seconds). We laugh together!!

Would you like to know more about being a Couching Couple?

Yes, because we thank God for what he did for us, how he gave us our love back for one another, and we want to share the same with friends.

J and B, AZ

“We have become more focused. Aware of what God expects of us closeness with God, and aware of how to be sensitive to each other, be in prayer always.”             

S and J, LA

“The Holy Spirit lovingly showed us how to lock shields and live in covenant as one flesh, but it showed how deeper we still need the Holy Spirit to go with us. We are establishing a new foundation and leaning on God to change our hearts towards Him and each other to apply the lessons we’ve learned in the class and receive God’s best for our marriage and family.”

P and P, WA  

“We have a greater working understanding of covenant marriage. How God intends us to be one in Him! We have greater urgency for regular community.”

V and R, WA



New: Registration for the Married for Life course is $50 for an on site course, $60 for an online interactive course*.

Registration is reduced to $35 for an onsite course,  $45 for online interactive course* for any couple that has attended a 2=1 course before.

*Couples attending an online class pay an additional $10 fee for shipping and handling of materials.


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