The Prayer of Repentance

Understanding and applying the divorce and remarriage truths from God's Word brought release to our marriage. When we had re-married, we tied God's hands from working in our first marriage covenant. He considers the marriage covenant a reflection of His everlasting covenant and wants us to work with ‘Plan A', not to look for another spouse or ‘Plan B'. We understood that it was not the sexual act in our present marriage that was the act of adultery in God's eyes but the breaking of the first marriage covenant. When we understood this, we agreed to say the prayer in the life application section of the Married for Life's lesson #2. We acted out of obedience when we prayed. Immediately after saying the prayer, we became aware that a great spiritual burden had been lifted.

After repenting, we felt clean and free, just as when we had been born again. We will never forget it. Later, during intimacy, we felt closer than we had ever felt before. It was like a wall had been broken down that was between us. That evening, during prayer, immediately upon closing his eyes, Dave received a vision of a human heart that was full of holes and leaking blood. Upon closing his eyes again, the Spirit showed him a human heart that was whole and healthy. The Spirit then spoke to him that the first heart was a picture of our marriage before we prayed the prayer of repentance. God wanted to pour His blessings into us but we could not hold them and they leaked out. The whole heart he saw occurred after saying the prayer.

The prayer of repentance brought us into agreement with God's Word and allowed Him to bring about wholeness and healing into our marriage. Now, God can pour blessings on our present marriage covenant and we can receive them.