How Parents For Life Changed Our Lives

To express our gratitude for the new Parents for Life Class in words is not easy.  We have ministered in 2=1 for 15 years and have seen the Lord do mighty and awesome miracles in couples through the Married for Life course (our own included).  We had no idea all that the Lord had in store as we led our first Parents for Life class in the fall of 2003.  Each lesson is filled with powerful truths that can set whole families free.  The scripture that keeps coming to mind is Exodus 20:5-6.  We have all grown and healed through Married For Life but the Lord showed us that many of us are that “pivotal” generation from curse to blessing.  We have known it but weren’t quite sure how to get the baby turned.

In many ways lots of us were blessed by our families and in many ways weren’t taught the things of God that this course is so anointed to teach and heal.  Exodus says we can generate iniquities of the parents to the third and fourth generation when we don’t live according to God’s principles (people perish for lack of knowledge).  BUT He shows mercy to thousands of those who love Him and keep His commandments. 

The wisdom of God flows from every page of the course.  Watching the transformation in our couples and ourselves as we allowed the Holy Spirit to “go to the roots” was so freeing.  God’s mercy is awesome.  As one of the lessons says “It is never too late to parent God’s way.”  Thank you for your obedience in following the Holy Spirit’s guidance for this course that can change families forever for His glory.

Dave & Sherry Carder

From their daughter:

Hey I was sitting in the computer lab and I was typing up some of my portfolio for my business class and I realized how thankful I am to have you as my parents.  I am such a well-rounded person and have experienced life to the fullest.  I know that I would not be the person that I am today if not for the two of you.  It’s funny but you don’t really sit and think about yourself and the things that you have accomplished on a regular basis and in doing this assignment I realize how incredible you guys are.

From the private school, to helping fund my mission trip and don't forget every sport I did that you supported. I know that you are in the middle of your Parents for Life course and I just wanted you to know from my heart that i really think you are the best parents a child could have and you are the perfect couple to be teaching parenting skills to others.

Maybe until this moment I have not understood the many vast ways you have helped to make my life so incredible but I just want to say thank you and I love you guys more than any words will ever be able to express.  I know that I am not directly under your covering now but I know that I always am under your authority and your blanket of love.  Thank you for all of the morals you have instilled in me and for all the meaning you’ve given my life and also for the many ways you have inspired me.  I love you both so much.