Hope in the Midst of Marital Separation


My husband and I were separated for one year and 8 months, to the day. When he left, I was two months pregnant and I thought that divorce was my only option, until I called my mother in law later that day and she hold me that she would get a hold of God for me. She called back a couple of hours later and said that the Lord told her to tell me that divorce was not for me and that there was hope. He told her to stand for her son and she said 'God, I can't do it alone', and He said 'Carrie will stand with you'. I didn't want to divorce my husband and so I began to believe God for restoration, the same day he left with the other woman. The Lord began to give me scriptures to pray over us and our marriage. The first one He gave me was Jer. 32:39-40. He lead me to pray over a picture of us, so everyday I would pray that scripture over us and the Lord began to give me more scriptures to add to that.

About 5 months later a lady at the church I attend came up to me and gave me the book, First Aid for a Wounded Marriage. I sat in church and began to read Michael Phillipps' letter to the readers, I began to weep uncontrollably. I had no idea that other people, besides my mother and father in law had been through anything like I was facing.

My husband and I... praise be to God (the Only ONE who could do such a miracle) have reconciled... and are being healed and set free more everyday. It was so funny because as I prayed for Michael, my husband, the Lord began to change me and turn my life around.
Now Michael is growing at unbelievable rates in the Lord. He goes deeper everyday and I just can't thank God enough that my husband is no longer on his way to hell, but he is looking to God the Father and I know that he is going to Heaven. Praise God for knowing that He could...

Michael and Carrie K.

Restored trust in marriage - my husband and I had no idea what a healthy marriage was like. Our first years were torture. After attending a Married for Life group, restoration began to take place. Truth regarding what God intends for marriage built us up and strengthened us. Trust was restored and we chose to forgive. We have begun to read the Bible together and come into agreement for our decisions. It is our intent to think the best of ourselves, each other, our children and others!

Bonnie L.
Praying Together - God has used 2=1 to help us come together in prayer, and has helped us to get support and guidance not just from one another but from the Lord Himself. It has given us a good start on not just bonding emotionally and physically but also spiritually which is helping us to keep our marriage in line with God's purpose for us, and that is to be happily married for life.

Sally C.


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