Married For Life

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Twelve weeks that will change your marriage


Married for Life 

... a real possibility or just a great concept? Do you know it takes more preparation and testing to get a driver's licence than a marriage licence?  

Did you realize that people invest time in preparing for a career, learning a new skill, or developing a talent yet they often marry believing it will "just come naturally"? 


Who teaches us how to succeed in marriage? Where do we go to find out how to not just survive, but to thrive? 


Well, we believe it's always best to go to the source. Who created marriage? That's the one who should have the answers!

Our Married for Life course has been strengthening marriages since 1983. It's success is simply because it is based on God's blueprint for marriage. He wants us to thrive in the covenant relationship of marriage that He created.



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You will learn...

Week 1 - Is your marriage a covenant or a contract? Do you know the difference?


Week 2 - How do two become one? Learn if you're helping or hindering the process.


Week 3 - What is a wife supposed to do? How about a husband?

 The answers may surprise you.

Week 4 - Things don't just happen by accident. Learn the connection between today's actions and tomorrow's outcome.

Week 5 - Is it really possible to forgive? Under what circumstances? How many times do you need to forgive?

Week 6 - Sometimes you're just looking at each other through the wrong lenses.

 Learn how to improve your vision.

Week 7 - Don't skip this important step on your way to the bedroom.


Week 8 - Don't think you'll ever agree? This lesson may surprise you.


Week 9 - Your sexual life will never be the same again after this lesson.


Week 10 - Learn to fight the right way. Identify your enemy, choose your weapons.


Week 11 - Make the changes last! Learn how to ensure that what you've started

   won't stop.


Week 12 - Going beyond the status quo. You're a team now, make the most of it!



What couples are saying about Married for Life:

Were your expectations met?
  • Yes and more, we learnt so much about each other but also about the importance of the Lord in our marriage. It has done so much for our walk with the Lord.
  • Yes. We have learned new things together and were forced to question areas of our marriage.  This is what we wanted as we do not want to be surprised as we grow together.
  • More focused on finding our what God's plan is for us as a couple.  In the past we have had different ideas of what we think God wants for us individually, we just need to focus on His plans for us as a couple.
  • Mixed, practical good guidance and steps.
  • Yes, even more - because we know now that we are in a covenant, that God has a purpose for both of us together. He cares about everything (even our physical intimacy...) that concerns us.  Now each of us know his and her role.
  • Exceeded.
  • Definitely. Provides a wide range of talking points - challenging!
Describe your marriage today:
  • Our marriage is much stronger, we seem closer and we openly involve the Lord in our marriage.  This for us has been the best part.
  • Even better
  • Our marriage is a lot more stronger with more order, and it is still growing.
  • We are happy, we are getting more close in every area in our marriage.  We know more of what God has, wants from us together and we feel more comfortable to share the importance of marriage as Christians.
  • Got closer to each other and started to look into the areas we missed out in the past.
  • Back on track!
  • Very happy, very close friendship.



Registration for the Married for Life course is £50, with concessions paying £30. 

Concessions include those:

  • both in full time Christian work
  • both full time students
  • on benefits
  • having done one of our courses before

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