Parents for Life

God desires to pass blessings generationally through families. We are all building a legacy to pass on to our children. What that legacy will be depends on what we invest in their lives. The key to healthy parenting is knowing God's plan and co-operating with Him. Good news! It's never too late to learn how to parent God's way.

God not only wants our relationship with our children to be strong and healthy, but our relationship with our own parents should be healthy as well. As we learn to parent God's way, His blessing flows trans-generationally and creates a powerful legacy for generations to come!

"Parents For Life" Course Outline

  • Week 1... In The Beginning
  • Week 2... It Takes Two
  • Week 3... Treasuring
  • Week 4... Investing
  • Week 5... Training
  • Week 6... Discipline
  • Week 7... Teaching
  • Week 8... Release
  • Week 9... Destiny

We know how challenging parenting can be and that sometimes it's hard to find support. Parents For Life can help!

This nine week course is filled with Biblical principles that demonstrate God's plan for parenting. In addition, a couple that is living these same principles in their own lives will help you every step of the way.

For information on a PFL Course near you, contact your area leaders by going to our Contacts page.