One For Life is a 8-week course written and designed specifically for those getting married for the very first time.

Relationships span the entire spectrum of questions that could be asked. No manual, no program, no counselor has the answer to every question. What you will find in this course are principles that, when applied, answer those eternal questions.

This won't be a "feel good" course where couples just sit back and soak up the material. Instead, it's an exciting, interactive, revealing time between couples that are going through the exact same things at the exact same time.


Is “till death do us part” really possible?

Do you really know the person you are marrying?

Do you really know yourself?

This course is meant for seriously dating couples. Why "seriously dating"? Because "seriously dating" is a step toward what is meant to be a life-long commitment. This course aims to take couples from the only life they know of, the single life, and prepare for the amazing journey called "marriage". During the eight lessons, you will be challenged to look at your own life and discover what you will be taking into your marriage. The life application with each lesson will enable both of you to explore and deal with issues and set goals for a purpose-filled future.







Week 1:  One Comes Before Two

Why marriage won’t solve your problems

How I can prepare myself for a great marriage

Week 2:  Exiting Memory Lane

Why it really does matter if you have loved and lost

How to leave the past behind 

Week 3:  Family Ties

How your relationship with mum and dad is going to affect your marriage

Week 4:  Whole In One 

Seriously, is marriage for better or for worse?

Week 5: Your Destiny 

How to fulfil your destiny together

What is your mission in life?

Week 6:  The Naked Truth

What is the most intimate thing you can do together?

What’s the big deal about being a virgin?

Can sexual purity be regained?

Week 7:  The Home Team

Who gets to make the decisions?

Who gets to do the housework?

Who gets to take out the rubbish bins?

Week 8:  Making it Real

Where does the money go?

How to make it work for you 


Each One for Life group has 4-5 student couples, one leader couple and one leader-in-training couple. The group meets weekly at a pre-arranged time and run for about 2 hours. Meetings include:

  • Praise and worship
  • Teaching on finances and free-will offering
  • Individual sharing from previous week's homework
  • New lesson taught by leaders or leaders-in-training