One For Life is a 8-week course written and designed specifically for those getting married for the very first time.

Relationships span the entire spectrum of questions that could be asked. No manual, no program, no counselor has the answer to every question. What you will find in this course are principles that, when applied, answer those eternal questions.

This won't be a "feel good" course where couples just sit back and soak up the material. Instead, it's an exciting, interactive, revealing time between couples that are going through the exact same things at the exact same time.


This course is meant for seriously dating couples. Why "seriously dating"? Because "seriously dating" is a step toward what is meant to be a life-long commitment. This course aims to take couples from the only life they know of, the single life, and prepare for the amazing journey called "marriage".


Each week, couples work through an aspect of their life and marriage. The principles, when applied, their relationship. Homework to be completed together is assigned weekly.

Week 1 - One Comes Before Two

Week 2 - Freedom From The Past

Week 3 - Family Life Patterns

Week 4 - Covenant Relationship

Week 5 - Your Destiny Together

Week 6 - The Truth About Intimacy

Week 7 - Learning To Live Together

Week 8 - Practical Planning

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