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2=1 Marriage Ministries is a non-profit, Christian society that is the Singapore arm of 2=1, headquartered in Colorado,USA. 2=1 is the combined ministries of Nova Shalom, Marriage Ministries International and the University of the Family.

Our association with 2=1 began in 1995 when we conducted their courses - Married For Life, Parents For Life and ONE For Life, through another Christian society called AFLAME.

The ministry is now called 2=1 Marriage Ministries in line with the name change of our U.S ministry. Our focus is to expand the marriage ministry in Singapore and beyond.

We hope to do this by collaborating with other Asian societies who are also under the spiritual covering of 2=1, and to partner with local churches to strengthen marriages and families.

To date, hundreds of couples in Singapore have been blessed by our 2=1 courses. Over a million couples in over 90 countries around the world have also experienced breakthroughs and transformations in their marriages since 1983.

Our Singapore leaders began as student couples who were mentored into servant leadership after being called to the ministry. As volunteers, leaders give their time and resources in gratitude to the Lord Jesus Christ in order to help other couples establish powerful lighthouse homes in today's stormy world of crashing marriages.

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2=1 is a non-profit organization that is headquartered in Colorado, USA. For over 20 years, 2=1 has been strengthening marriages and families through their life-changing courses - Married For Life, Parents For Life and ONE for Life. Today, their Married For Life course, a 14-week marriage enrichment course is taught in over 90 countries and in 35 languages by ordinary couples in the living rooms of "lighthouse" homes. These couples have been mentored to flow as one-flesh teams in the power of the Holy Spirit to bring healing and restoration to families in the communities around them.

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