Parents for Life


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Whether our children are infants or adults, once we have them, we are parents for life. Wouldn’t it be great if we couldn’t have children until we passed Parenting 101 with flying colors?


Unfortunately, most of the time as parents we learn as we go. We learn from relatives and friends, from books we read and videos we watch, we learn from radio and television..and mostly we learn that we really don’t know much about what we are doing.


Wouldn’t it be great to learn from the One who gave us our children in the first place? He created each one of them unique and special and He is the one who knows what each one needs and what will help each one grow and thrive.


Parents for Life is a nine-week course for married couples—nine weeks that will change your family forever!


You will learn…


How the way you were parented affects how you parent.

How to forgive and let go of childhood woundings.

How to prevent making the same mistakes with your children.

Why a child needs two parents.

God’s plan for husband and wife as a parenting team.

Why moms can’t be dads and dads can’t be moms.

How God uniquely creates each child.

What is your child’s personality and giftings.

How to best help each of your children develop uniquely.

Which comes first, teaching or training.

How to train children to obey immediately.

Why early training makes a difference throughout life.

What is each child’s learning style.

How to make learning enjoyable.

How parents teach 24/7.

How to agree on what discipline is appropriate.

How to recognize reactive discipline.

How a child’s temperament determines the best discipline.

When to begin letting go.

Why we are parents for life, not parenting for life.

How to co-operate with God’s plan for each of your children.

Each parent’s role in developing healthy adults.


Course price

Registration for the Parents for Life course is $50.
Registration is reduced to $35 for any couple that has attended a 2=1 course before.

Couples attending an online class pay an additional $10 fee for shipping and handling of materials.


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