Transformation in three main areas

 G and R

We were a married couple who attended church, involved in the community, two children, and believed that we had a "Christian Marriage".Through MMI we had that definition challenged .

To pray together, was uncomfortable for us as a married couple to attempt. We both had our independent ideals, philosophies, goals and relationships with the Lord, and feared the realities of rejection should we get into any discussions that scratched below the surface.

The initial suggestion of attending an MMI course was quickly shelved - What do we need that for? However it planted a seed in our marriage and as the date approached, we both, bit by bit, let down our guards enough to at least give it a go.

The course that followed transformed us in three main areas:-

Firstly it gave us the tools to go below the surface, to listen, to understand each other, to communicate openly in many areas where we had closed the doors to deep hurts - and to begin to support each other through the healing process. We began to love and appreciate each other more deeply than we had experienced before.

Secondly it started us off praying together, building our relationship up with the Lord, as a couple, as well as individually - and seeing God move.

Thirdly we began to notice the spiritual awakening within our children as they began to pray for things openly, unprompted by us. God was being put in charge of our home and he was making it happen.

As time has gone we have continued to work at communication and anger is not part of our problem solving anymore. We no longer see each other as the "enemy" in situations but are more aware that we battle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers. This has helped us pull together and look to each others gain. We still deal with many of the same issues as before but now have better tools / skills for working through them.

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