Renewed our Marriage











Paul and Kelly Sainty

We have just completed the "Married for Life" Course run by a fabulous couple, Mark & Stephanie Williams in Wellington, and boy did we learn a lot.

We first thought that this was going to be one of those physiological courses, where "this is what a wife should do for her husband and this is what a husband should do for his wife". Well we were soon to learn that this wasn't the case.

Married for 5 ½ years with 2 children, and been a Christian for just over a year, we thought we had been through the tough patch in our marriage, but only to discover that we hadn't, we had only just began.

Firstly, we had to accept the fact the God is a big part of a Christian Marriage, and the Covenant we had made to each other 5 ½ years ago didn't quite reflect the promises God has for us as a One Flesh couple.

Secondly, we had to learn to communicate with each other, there was to be no more emails to be sent to each other to inform what sports engagements we had organized for the weekend, which was used to avoid any conflicts; we now had to actually sit down and discuss some of the issues that came up in the weekly lessons.

Thirdly, we had to learn what God's role for a Husband and Wife were, which seemed to bring up a few issues in our household as our humanly roles are kind of reversed. (Dad at home with the Children and Mum at work providing for the family). But we came to realize that we are complementary to each other and we had our spiritual roles in order.

Fourth on the list, we had to learn to pray together. This was the biggest struggle of all. We had both learnt and built our relationship with God individually and now we had to share God with each other and actually pray out loud together in God's presence. Scary!!!! The feelings from been physically ill to making excuses to avoid getting into any situation where prayer together could be accomplished, plagued us day after day, until we realized we were under attack from the enemy and were in the middle of a head to head battle with our human flesh that we decided to step out of our comfort zones, not only to build our relationship together but to build our One flesh relationship which includes God. The biggest battle has turned into our biggest blessing.

After the completion of the 2=1 course, we re-newed our Wedding Vows, declaring to God that Yes we did want Him to be the main focus in our family and also dedicated our Children.

Through this course we have both discovered our passion and burn, which is to be see Families becoming stronger in Christ and Parents treating their children as God has intended Children to be cared for, in a loving environment. And guess what... It all starts with Mum and Dad's relationship together.

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