Putting the past behind

Frank and Linda

Frank and Linda were invited to be part of a Married for Life group 4 years ago when we had been married only 3 months. This was second time round for both of them - Linda had been widowed 3 years earlier and Frank had been divorced 20 years - they were around 50 with 6 adult children between them.

On reflection over the years they had realised that in both their previous marriages they could have done things differently and/or better. They recognised that this new marriage was a gift from God and they wanted to give it their very best - Married for Life would give them God's blueprint - and that was the plan they wanted to be following.

The 13 topics, Scripturally-based, took Frank and Linda on a spiritual journey through the emotional and physical (and spiritual!) aspects of their new marriage, and allowed them to put the past behind them. They testify that doing a Married for Life course at the beginning of a second marriage is highly recommended. It meant that past experiences, expectations, life patterns, attitudes, etc didn't get brought into their new marriage.

Frank and Linda have since led two Married for Life courses, which means revisiting the course content - and they enjoy doing this, keen to keep their marriage under the spotlight of the Holy Spirit.

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