Kiwis can be romantic!

 Read the evidence below!

Let thy fountain be blessed: and rejoice with the wife of thy youth. Proverbs 5:18

It is so important to take time out and enjoy each others company.
Son 5:16 b This is my beloved, and this is my friend,
Son 7:11 a Come, my beloved, let us go forth into the field;

Plan to take time out together.

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A while ago someone told us about a 'resource pack' call "Simply Romantic Nights" by Dennis and Barbara Rainey.

This a box (from Family Life) containing a book about romance in Marriage and a bunch of sealed cards. Half for her and half for him. The insructions in the book tell you to pick one, i.e. Husbands to pick one from the his pile and then open and follow the instructions.
Murray went first and went through the his pile and picked one that sounded good. It was called "Digital Reality". This seemed a good one to start with as am into computers the digital sounded like me. I opened the card and to my amazement it had nothing to do with computers, but was . . . na I'm not going to tell you! The card instructed me to spend the week building anticipation and how to do that. It seemed like a lot of work and effort but really it wasn't but it was fun.
Janet opened one called "Coffee, Tea and Me". No I am not telling! :)
This month I opened one called "As you wish". It was good in that as I was doing part of that (no I'm not telling) yesterday the Lord showed me some things about myself. So we not only had fun but I learnt some new stuff.

Now here is an 'cut and paste' from the advertisement for this pack.

"Want to add sizzle, fun, and anticipation to your romantic life as a couple? We've assembled eight of today's leading relationship experts to help you inspire intense passion in your relationship, and uncover God's desire for your marriage-that you understand each other more fully and love each other more deeply. At the heart of Simply Romantic Nights are 24 romantic adventures-12 for him and 12 for her. Each card contains everything you need to know to plan an unforgettable romantic adventure. Includes a special intimate celebration for your anniversary or another special occasion! "

Click here and order yours from Family Life and let the fun begin!

Anyway perhaps you get the idea so get onto that web site and order one for yourself and have fun! Simply Romantic Nights

Murray and Janet

Married with seven children restricts our quality time together and stretches romanticism. So for our wedding anniversary I decided to cook dinner and desert. Janessa and I dressed up and I set up a picnic in our bedroom, locked the door - kept the little ones busy - turned on some romantic music and had a romantic evening together. With limited time and money our imagination's created our little escape in our house.

There were still little knocks on the door periodically. When we started dancing we let the children in to dance with us . . . for a little while . .

George and Janessa


I sent flowers to my wife's work, seven red roses and one white rose with a poem.
Seven reds roses for every day I think of you and one white rose for Jesus who brought us together. She had to explain this to her work mates and it started others getting flowers at her work from their men.

John and Conny


During our time spent running a Married For Life course in Rarotonga Sandy and I were given a motorcycle to use. We spent many occasions cuddling up while riding and then stopping to go on walks or have lunch and coffee.
(Sandy writes) We would swap who was driving so that each had a turn for whispering sweet everythings to the other.
No helmets were worn so it was great for the occasion.

Steve and Sandy

This was an impromptu evening and quickly planned. As we got into our car together after work we looked at each other and decided to out for a meal. Robin decided on an exclusive hotel/restaurant and booked a table. We went to "Dorothy's" which was on the theme of "Wizard of Oz". We went down the yellow brick road to a lovely quiet area in the restaurant. We went through the menu from start to finish, trying new things and sharing our meals so that we tasted different things. We were able to quietly reflect and focus on each other. We spent time talking about our dreams and realising how special the other partner was and how awesome our friendship was. No secrets! Wonderful night!

Robin and Gwenda


Imagine yourself at work one day, there is a lot happening and you are very busy. Anyway your wife has asked if she can have lunch with you that day and you are not sure how you are going to fit it in. Well she arrives at the appointed time and says, "let's go". So you hop in the car and are told "never mind" when you inquire as to your destination. A little way up the road she pulls into a local motel????? You wonder as she gets out a key and takes you into a unit where there is a romantic setting prepared for you pleasure, candles flickering, grape juice waiting, and some sushi on a plate. Well it ended up being a longer then normal lunch hour, which actually fitted into your day quite nicely, and certainly a day to remember.



One sunny Saturday afternoon Janet and I decided to take a break from our chores and go on a picnic.

We packed a nice salad into our picnic basket and were off, not sure where to but we were on the road. We headed towards Rotorua, and then we went around the back of the lake looking out for a nice spot with a suitable table. Well we had to continue until we were in the city. We ended up in the big park - Government Gardens.

The trouble is the weather was now not quite so pleasant. It was really windy. But we are tough and determined (or stupid), so out came the table cloth, the table was set with sparkling grape juice in fine wine glasses (well plastic ones) and we sat down and had our picnic. When we do these picnics we do it in style good casual clothes Janet in a skirt etc.

As we were enjoying our time together holding down the table cloth etc a tour bus parked nearby and the entire load of Japanese tourists walked past looking at us. What was going through their minds?

Who cares: - these two romantic Kiwis were having fun building a closer relationship and happy memories. . .

Murray and Janet



A table set for two on Matata beach.



Plan today to do something romantic together.

Let thy fountain be blessed: and rejoice with the wife of thy youth. Proverbs 5:18

Have Fun Together!
Create happy memories!