Couple's Stories from New Zealand


 And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony;

Rev 12:11


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  Couple   Summary
  Russell and Kim Lines   In this testimony Russell and Kim tell us how God has blessed their marriage.
  Murray and Janet Fookes   Murray and Janet have found how to come to agreement . . . 
  Neil and Lu'uga Hills   When my husband and I first heard about MMI we thought it was a ministry for marriages that were in need of a "fix' s we nearly made the mistake of not going on the course.
  Frank and Linda   Frank and Linda were invited to be part of a Married for Life group 4 years ago when we had been married only 3 months. This was second time round for both of them - Linda had been widowed 3 years earlier and Frank had been divorced 20 years - they were around 50 with 6 adult children between them.
  Stephanie and Mark   So we started the Married for Life course and it wasn't at all what I had expected. I was amazed that God had thought through so much about marriage! I knew he had ordained it and it was in His plan but had never realised that he also created all the details!
  G and R   The course transformed us in three main areas
  Frank and Wendy Van der Hulst   . . seemed to be on a different way of thinking . . . found one special key
  Paul and Kelly Sainty   Marriage Ministries. "We don't need any Marriage Ministry"! So we thought!
  T and R   T & R pastor a small country town church. 
  Steve and Sandy Burton   On a recent trip from Nelson to Christchurch we ended up in "strife"
  Colin and Julie   We now have a life and a future to look forward to.

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