Murray and Janet Fookes 

Each time we do this study we learn new things about marriage and ways we can improve our relationship.

We want to share just one thing at this time that we have learnt, and that is, how to come to agreement.

A married couple who can reach agreement God's way are so blessed. Janet and I are still practicing this 'skill' and can share how great it is when we do it right.

We have learnt that we are indeed a threefold cord is the way to be. (Ecc 4:12)

A while ago we felt that the Lord wanted us to buy a house at the beach that could be used to encouraged couples in their marriages. A place where they could have "time out" away from the daily grind, and put some time into their marriage.
Also a place for our family use.

We started looking and very quickly found a place that was up for auction. It was ideal for what we had in mind.

After reaching agreement God's way about the property and asked others for advice and felt it was the one!

Driving to the auction we discussed what our limit would be. Neither of us had a clue what we should limit ourselves to. Yes "Our Father owns the cattle on a thousand hills" but we still have to be wise with the resources He has given us. We prayed as we drove and the Lord gave us the same figure. Now this gave us great boldness as we went into the auction. I was able bid confidently  to that number. There was another couple (investors) bidding against us but seemed very unsure of what they should be doing, even though they were lawyers! Cutting a long story short we won the auction and now own the house. It has been a great blessing to many couples, which pleases us no end!

Having that confidence in important decisions is so good for our marriage. 


If you have a testimony to to share please e-mail it, with a photo if possible, to Murray Fookes