A marriage that needed improvement

 Neil and Lu'uga Hills

When my husband and I first heard about MMI we thought it was a ministry for marriages that were in need of a "fix' se we nearly made the mistake of not going on the course.
Once we started we knew we were in the right place. We thought our marriage was in good shape but because of the in depth study of subjects like the roles of husband and wife, sowing and reaping particularly in the areas of our own words we soon found there was room for improvement. and over the next 13 weeks our marriage was enriched and blessed as a result of applying what we were learning.
We soon saw the first benefit of going on the course in that we got to spend quality time together as a married couple going out without our children and spending quiet time doing our homework on a regular basis. There was also the bonus of a whole new circle of friends whom we learned to love and appreciate.

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