The Malaysian Journey

2=1 was brought into Malaysia when 3 American Couples – Dick & Pearl Wilson, Don & Cindy Anderson and Rusty & Debbie Lake - conducted a Leadership Training Weekend in Kota Kinabalu on 27th July 1994.

The Vision was cast; the Lessons and Protocol taught and the Challenge given. They left us with a Love Offering and some Manuals.

The First Married for Life (MFL) Group was started soon after and Leaders in Training raised and released as peers with subsequent Groups.

2=1 was subsequently introduced to Sandakan, Tawau, Kuching, Miri, Kuala Lumpur and Penang and Tambunan.

The first MFL Group in Bahasa Malaysia was started on 9th March 1999 while the first MFL Group in Chinese was started on 18th June 2000.

A Leadership Training Weekend was conducted in Penang on 22nd January 2010 with a prayer that the first MFL Group in Tamil will be started.

The Parents for Life Course was brought into Malaysia on 24th July 2004.

Malaysia has helped in being part of the Teams that conducted Leadership Training Weekends in

  • Manila, Philippines
  • Singapore
  • Bangkok and Chiangmai, Thailand
  • China
  • Mumbai, India 
  • Taiwan