Parents for Life

A Ten-Week Course For Dads and Mums

Discover the power of parenting! From conception to adulthood, God designed parenting to include both
Dad and Mum. Learn to work together to maximise your investment in the lives of your children. The principles
of this course bring healing to the whole family, creating a powerful legacy for the generations.

Whether we recognise it or not, we are all building a legacy to pass on to our children. What that legacy will be depends on what we invest into their lives. The key to healthy parenting is knowing God's plan and co-operating with Him. The good news is, it's never too late to learn how to parent God's way!


Our Parents for Life course is filled with Biblical principles that demonstrate God's plan for parenting. In addition, a couple that is living these same principles in their own lives will help you every step of the way.

In Parents for Life ...

How the way you were parented affects how you parent.

How to prevent making the same mistakes with your children.

God's plan for husband and wife as a parenting team.

How God uniquely creates each child.

What is your child's personality and giftings.

How to best help each of your children develop uniquely.

Which comes first, teaching or training.

How to train children to obey immediately.

Why early training makes a difference throughout life.

What is each child's learning style.

How to make learning enjoyable.

How parents teach 24/7.

How to agree on what discipline is appropriate.

How to recognise reactive discipline.

How a child's temperament determines the best discipline.

When to begin letting go.

Why we are parents for life, not parenting for life.

How to co-operate with God's plan for each of your children.

Each parent's role in developing healthy adults.