One for Life

Premarital Discipling for Engaged Couples

Written and designed specifically for those getting married for the very first time, One for Life takes couples from the only life they know of - the single life - and prepares them for the amazing journey of marriage.

This won’t be a ´feel good´ course where couples just
sit back and soak up material. Instead, it’s an exciting, interactive, revealing time for engaged couples. It’s all about two becoming one. It’s about one becoming whole. It’s about two with one purpose.

In One for Life ...

    Why marriage won’t solve your problems.

    The ramification of 1x1 = 1.

    Why you won’t be able to change him or her.

    How your relationship with your parents is going to affect your marriage.

    How your partner’s relationship with their parents could affect your marriage.

    Why you need your parents’ blessing.

    Why it really does matter if you have loved and lost.

    How many people you will be sleeping with.

    Why many people have divorced several times before they ever marry.

    The difference between a covenant and a contract .

    Is ‘till death do us part’ really possible?

    The seriousness of ‘for better or for worse’.

    The most intimate thing you can do together.

    What’s the big deal about being a virgin.

    Can sexual purity be regained?

    What your purpose is in life.

    How to fulfill your destiny together.

    Issues you may not have considered before now.