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Ministry Overview

Marriage is the foundation of the family. When the marriage relationship is hurting, the
family is hurting. Couples may seek marriage counselling and are often given the advice
which in most cases does not save a marriage. Covenant provides the foundation for romance,
love, and all the things that those with a hurting marriage are seeking.

In whatever state your marriage is you can benefit from the 2=1 Married for Life curriculum.
Find the leader closest to you by visiting our “contacts " page, then, you and your spouse can
join our marriage enhancement course and see your marriage revived and enriched.

In 2=1’s unique resources and courses, you won’t find quips or simple solutions to a happy
marriage. Instead, you’ll discover how the Word of God can breathe new life into your
marriage as you discover the power of covenant.

2=1 International was founded in 1983 by Mike and Marilyn Phillipps. Currently there
are over 20,000 2=1 leaders leading Married for Life groups in their homes around the

2=1 is a non-profit organization, ministering to marriages around the world in 90 countries
and 40 languages. Our basic class, Married for Life, is a twelve week course for couples that
is conducted in small groups in homes. Each week couples learn a scriptural principle that,
when applied, affects profound changes in their relationship. A workbook complete with
weekly lessons and homework is provided.

Our Mission is to help couples establish their homes as powerful lighthouses in their
neighbourhoods, reaching out to those around in the storms of life. The ministry works
with the local church to heal and strengthen marriages. It is our firm belief that every couple
has an assignment from the Lord and it is our desire to help build up and equip them as a
one-flesh team. We believe that when the homes are strong, the churches are strong, and the
nations are strong. The scriptural principles shared weekly teach couples how to walk in the
fullness of their one-flesh relationship.

We are committed to reaching Malawi with this pursuit: helping couples establish their
homes as powerful lighthouses in their neighbourhood, communities and cities.

Cornelius and Jacqueline Huwa

National Team Leaders