Saturday, April 23, 2016
Glasses-Full, Empty, and In Between

I once heard someone say that if you think the glass is half-full, you must have drunk the first half. That may be true, but the question of whether or not a glass is perceived as half-full or half-empty has always intrigued me. A glass that is halfway full or halfway empty really looks the same. It all depends on your point of view and I guess that is the whole point of the discussion.

It is said that the optimist sees the glass half-full. I know that is true. I live with an optimist and every cloud has a silver lining. Sometimes I tell him, "You just don't understand how bad this is!" I clearly see when a glass is half empty! I expect it to be full and when it isn't, that means it is half empty. Michael, though, expects it to be filled any minute and so it is on its way there when half of it is full. I see the black smudge on the wall and he sees the wall with only an almost imperceivable little spot. 

I remember one time when a pastor decided he did not want to work with 2=1 and, because he lived in a small town, soon other pastors joined him in the boycott. I was terribly upset and wanted to contact people and set the record straight. Michael, on the other hand, said to just let it ride itself out. "In a couple years," he said, "they won't remember the problems of this hour, only the name of a ministry that can help marriages." Sure enough, a couple years later a pastor from that town contacted us and asked for couples in his church to be trained as coaches. Once again, the glass was filling. I guess we need both half-full and half-empty people. 

It seems to me, though, that a major part of the discussion should center around the size of the glass. A large glass that is half-empty, still can hold more than a small glass that is half-full. Isaiah 54:2 says, "Enlarge the place of your tent, stretch your tent curtains wide, do not hold backlengthen your cords, strengthen your stakes." I think God's plan is, if we increase our capacity to give out to others, our glass is bigger and, half-full or half-empty, we still have more to give. God doesn't seem to be limited by people's outlooks. A half-empty big glass holds more than a half-full little glass any day of the week!

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