Fighting for the Right to Stay Married



The unusual case of a couple fighting for the right to stay married was highlighted this month. The couple reports the Times had married because of love in a culture where a number of the marriages are arranged. The bride’s family despised her husband and engineered an annulment (at this point the couple had been married for 3 ½ years). They were then arrested for living in sin. The Saudi mother of two has issued an appeal from prison for King Abdullah to reunite her with her husband after a court divorced the couple against their will.

 This case is so challenging because we see the determination and effort this couple have to stay together. They have recognized that their marriage is under attack and they have to unite together and fight for the right to stay married. They believe in their marriage so strongly that they have appealed to the king.

Pause for thought.

Your marriage is also under attack!
Are you willing to fight for your marriage?
Are you willing to endure hardships because you value your marriage highly enough to work at it?

This couple knew that in order to fight for the right to stay married it would take more force than they had available. They knew that they would have to appeal to the King for his intervention. Have you appealed to the King of Kings to help you in your marriage? Have you asked Jesus for help, for understanding and wisdom? Our challenge to you today is to see the need to fight for your marriage. Don’t allow the enemy to separate you and bring division into your home and family. Ask God for His help in your situation He has power to change lives and change homes.

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