The Wedding Ring

... on the left or on the right hand?


2=1 has the joy of working with the richness of cultures and customs. A quick glimpse around the room at one of our first training weekends abroad had us wondering if the couples were married. None wore wedding rings on their left hand! We then realised that the couples were staring right back at our right hands.

Many Western countries have the tradition of wearing the wedding ring on the left hand on the fourth finger. In classical times it was thought that this finger contained the “vein of love” and so it was symbolic of eternal love to wear the wedding ring on this finger.

Other countries considered that wearing the ring on the right hand was better since the Latin word for left is “sinister” and had negative connotations.

On the left:

UK, other commonwealth nations, Ireland the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Iran, Chile, Italy, France, Sweden, and Slovenia.


On the Right:

Germany, Greece, Russia, Spain, India, Colombia, Venezuela, Poland and many Eastern European nations. 


Some people wear their ring on the left or right hand depending on their faith. So it isn’t such a straight forward question to answer.

Whether you are Protestant, Catholic, Greek Orthodox or Jew the most important thing to remember is that the giving and receiving of a ring is saying that you are “Married for Life”!