The True Cost of Marriage

How much does it cost to get married?

This question was posted on a general registry office website for the United Kingdom.

The answer? 
60.00 GBP per couple
40.00 GBP registry office ceremony
3.50 GBP wedding certificate
103.50 GBP so for this grand total a couple can get married (about 190 USD).

Is that realistic?
According to another source the average cost of a wedding in the UK is 15,244 GBP (28,000 USD).

But what is the true cost of marriage?

In our opinion the true cost of marriage is much more than the cost of a ceremony or a wedding certificate. It outweighs the cost of the reception or the dress. The real cost of a marriage is dying to self.

Without being willing to pay that price the marriage will not last long. So much more time and expense is put into formulating pre-nuptial agreements, planning for the end of the marriage, than is put into the ingredients that make a marriage healthy and last forever. If you both choose to become selfless, laying down your own wishes, expectations and desires the benefit is that you both demonstrate real love. Your investment reaps the return of love, thoughtfulness and happiness, it also reaps a marriage that can last a lifetime.



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