Practical Actions for Balancing Ministry with Marriage and Family


Ministering to other couples, parents and families can be stressful to your own marriage. Ministry puts your family in a fishbowl and everyone is watching. As you grow spiritually in your marriage and ministry in God's kingdom, try some of these practical steps to give balance to you as you minister.


  • Have a support system. Raise up servant leaders who help you with caring for your children and hosting people in your home.

  • Have peer friends that you can do family activities with together, share fellowship and be real.

  • Make it a priority (weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually) to have time together as a couple and with your children for rest, fun and intimacy. Communicate with your children that your relationship with them isn't conditioned by or revolving around church. Involve children in ministry according to their calling and giftings. Share together spiritually scripture, prayer, giving and serving.

  • Have financial resources to take vacations, have time to rest, and spend time as a family without having to minister.

  • Develop filling stations for personal renewal, spiritual growth, family relationships and relational friendships.

  • Decide to stay on purpose - make decisions based on presence and purpose, not being problem, people, pressure or performance-driven. Have a family mission statement.

Be proactive. Make a plan and have a vision and mission together as a couple and family for your ministry together. Be unified. Hear God's voice. Remember that the important person watching your family in the fishbowl is God.

As a couple, do this together:

Our Mission Statement for our:





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