Name Your Year

Many years ago someone shared with us the importance of speaking faith each January over the year that is beginning. They told us to pick one word that depicted what we wanted to see come forth in the New Year and to prophecy that over the year. Ever since then each January, we have prayed and have given the New Year a prophetic name.
One January, after a particularly challenging previous year, we named our New Year "Prosper" and spoke forth God's prosperity in every area of our life that we might have all the health, wealth and time to accomplish His call on our lives. That year we were able to give more than we had ever been able to do before.

Another year we proclaimed “Unity” over the New Year and watched God reconcile relationships and being united in all areas of our lives.  We not only spoke it; we expected it.  We also experienced the blessing that God commands when there is unity.

Another year we prophesied “Wisdom” over our year.  We faced many important decisions that year and we prayed that the Lord’s wisdom would be the basis for each decision.  We also learned that wisdom often comes through experience and when you ask for it, you get to walk through the experiences that produce it.

Another year was called “Freedom” and God’s dealing in our lives and those of others bringing us out of bondages and strongholds.  He also taught us how we had built habits and behaviors and how to stay free once the Lord delivered us.

We believe that God’s power is there every year in all of these areas, but by focusing on one purpose for the year, we prepare ourselves to receive in an even greater way!  It also helps us to keep our eyes off the problem and on the problem solver, Jesus.

What will you name 2016?  What are you expecting this New Year to bring?  Why not spend some time in prayer and determine what God would have you focus on for the next twelve months.  Then prophesy that to the days ahead as you name your year and believe expectantly to see it come to pass.