Help! Where Do We Go To Church

Finding the right church Home

After moving from our church home of eight years to the Midwest , I thought finding a church would be work, but I never dreamed it would take two years of searching! Growing up as a "PK", I never thought about where I would go to church; I just went and paid close attention knowing I would be drilled afterwards on my father's sermon. I took for granted the church community I inherited through my father's job, the correct theology he preached on Sundays, as well as the relationships that were enjoyed by me and my family as a result of a church family.

As an adult, things were not so easy. After moving I often wished I was that little kid again who was told where to be on Sundays. My husband and I agreed that we needed church in our lives, but that's about all we could agree on during our search. Many mornings we got lost driving to a new church and ended up at Krispy Kreme nursing our sorrow over glazed doughnuts. Some Sundays found us in bed pretending we were just too tired to try, when really we were avoiding the hardship of our journey!

We stockpiled a variety of church experiences, from the tiny church devoid of men (which, we later realized, was a homosexual community), to the huge gothic style church devoid of church members, period. I will never forget the five thousand member church we attended for a few weeks before deciding it wasn't the right place for us. I thought things were fine until I looked over at my husband one Sunday and saw his tortured look as a rather large female stranger to his left gyrated and knocked him silly during one of the worship songs. He just didn't feel comfortable worshipping in that setting, so we moved on. Thankfully, we finally found our church home, and learned a few things along the way.

We learned to hear God. At one point God really spoke to my heart saying, "I have a place for you." I wanted to believe Him, but sometimes I got so frustrated I stopped looking. I listened to God, but I didn't hear that He was telling me that He had a place for me in His time!

We changed our expectations. Instead of viewing the church searching like church ‘shopping', stopped looking at what we wanted to receive from a church: extensive children's programs, thoughtful sermons, maybe even pottery classes! These things can be important on some level, but more important is what we give to the church as we serve and worship God.

We asked ourselves if there was a place in the church community for our giftings. We wanted to be a part of the body, not just enjoy what the body had to offer.

We learned to open our eyes and see! One of the first churches we visited had a plaque posted outside the door that said, ‘You are home.' I was looking so hard I couldn't see what was right in front of me. We ended up visiting this church again two years later. After spending a few weeks there soaking up the rich teachings and finding a place for ourselves and our children in this body of believers, we committed ourselves to this church, and found the home God had prepared for us.

Extract from 2=1' Legacy Magazine

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