Our story...

Marriage - Thirty-three years ago the Lord gave us a course we now call Married for Life.  And, although through the passing years that course has changed some in length and content, the life-giving principals that He imparted to us in 1983 have never changed. They are as alive and powerful today as when that first group of seven couples met in a home and embarked on that first adventure with Him. We have seen millions of marriages transformed around the world.

Parenting - Yet Married for Life did not address many issues that were important to family life. We recognized that the powerful changes taking place in marriages were not always transferring to the children. A powerhouse home is not based only in a man and wife. In order for their home to truly be a lighthouse to their neighborhood, the entire family must know how to stand strong in the power of the Lord. We knew the next course to be added had to be parenting and so Parents for Life was created.

Marriage Preparation - The Lord was asking us to increase our scope and broaden our mission. Reaching couples after marriage was not soon enough. We needed to impart God's covenant plan before marriage and so ONE was created. This premarital prep course walks couples through the steps necessary to both leave and cleave as they enter into marriage covenant.  ONE does not concentrate so much on personalities and lifestyles as it does on destiny and generational transfer.

Times Change - Marriages in today's world face the same challenges as before but life is increasingly more complicated by technology, social media, and the constant challenges of insufficient time. We are currently developing new ways to reach couples in today's busy world. Over the next few months we are going to be rolling out video-based courses that will transcend geography and increase accessibility as well as other mobile resources to keep encouragement and learning at your fingertips. We've heard you and we're changing to meet your needs.


We are the combined ministries of Nova Shalom, Marriage Ministries International, and University of the Family. We are 2=1 International.

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