Our Core Values

The values upon which 2=1 is based

1. Everything we do must point people to the Lordship of Jesus.

  • The truth of God's Word leads people to the One who is Truth
  • Our goal is to deepen people's relationship with Jesus, not make them dependent upon us
  • See people and situations as Jesus does, through eyes of faith

2. Powerhouse homes flow in the power of the Holy Spirit.

  • After believers are born-again, there is a second, distinct experience in which the Holy Spirit empowers believers (Acts 1:8)
  • The power of the Holy Spirit changes the believer from within (Fruit of the Spirit) and flows out through the believer (Gifts of the Spirit)
  • Lasting change comes spiritually, not intellectually

3. Marriage is a covenant relationship.

  • Marriage between a man and a woman reflects the covenant relationship between Jesus and the Church
  • Each covenant partner agrees to be faithful no matter what the other one does
  • Faithfulness is unconditional
  • The covenant iis until death

4. Marriage between a man and a woman is the basis for God's plan for family.

  • God intends for family to produce healthy sons and daughters in the image of their Father
  • All aspects of family life flow from and relate back to the marriage covenant
  • Addressing family issues must include developing a healthy marriage

5. We are to make disciples of all nations.

  • Discipling is more than disseminating information
  • Discipling includes training, modeling and accountability– modeling is a transparent demonstration of process rather than perfection in the lives of the disciplers
  • Discipling is based in relationship

6. We are to produce fruit with the seed of reproducibility.

  • We are all to bear fruit and multiply
  • Our role in the earth is to give to others what God gives to us
  • Although gifts and talents of people vary, others must be able to duplicate each model produced
  • Everyone who ministers in 2=1 should be making disciples at the same time

7. When a man and a woman marry, their individual call and destiny are blended together.

  • Both husband and wife are equally called of God
  • Each spouse needs to respect, honor, and nurture the gifts and talents of the other
  • Couples need to be taught how to blend their gifts and talents to equip them in the synergism of a one-flesh team
  • We are responsible to seek out those who will disciple us in our call

8. Homes are points of outreach to the world.

  • Marriage and family reflect God's relationship to His Church
  • 2=1 leaders are ordinary couples demonstrating the power of God in our homes, jobs, and lives
  • We are to teach couples how to reach their neighborhoods, communities, and other spheres of influence

9. God views families generationally.

  • Decisions and actions of one generation affect successive ones
  • One generation has the power in Jesus to stop generational curses
  • One generation has the ability to perpetuate blessings generationally
  • Christians must think and plan generationally

10.  Followers of Christ are an army.

  • We have an objective and a mission
  • We need to honor spiritual authority to be in spiritual authority
  • We need to recognize and honor the different roles of those serving in the army
  • We must be dedicated to fighting until we see victory manifested
  • We are not individual soldiers who get to pick and choose with whom, when and where we will serve