First Aid for a Wounded Marriage.

By: Marilyn Phillipps

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My husband, Michael, and I have a marriage healed by the power of Jesus. Just a few years ago we had reached the point of divorce and Michael was making plans to marry someone else. Counselors offered no hope, our pastor was resigned to the fact that the marriage was dead, and other Christians advised me to pick up the pieces and get on with my life.

This turmoil initiated a time of training in my life during which I learned the true steadfastness and power of the Lord. When God's Word makes a statement, God is prepared to back it with might and power. The Word would not state "let no man put asunder" without the power of God being able to restore and heal marriages. The Holy Spirit led me step by step in a stand for our marriage and Jesus proved once again that there is nothing impossible with Him. Our marriage was restored and healed by the power of God and the authority of His Word.

The purpose of this book is not to give you in-depth teaching on standing for the healing of your marriage. It is designed, as the title says, to give you first aid for the initial trauma. You will need to seek out the support of your pastor and others to stand in agreement with you. There are also support groups specifically called of God to help you during this time. More information on these groups can be obtained by calling 1-918-743-0365.

This book was written for you. Do not give up hope. Do not become weary in well doing. Know that God is no respecter of persons. What He did for us, He longs to do for you also.

In Jesus,

Marilyn Phillipps

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