2015 International Convention

International Convention 2015

What is the Holy Spirit speaking to you?

God created marriage between a man and a woman to be the most powerful relationship on earth. Right now marriage is under attack in every nation of the earth. It is time to meet with the Holy Spirit and receive His directions for this hour.

Come join with couples from around the world to spend a week in His presence, a time to bring honor and glory to the Lord and to celebrate His wonderful creation of marriage.

What is 2=1?

God's plan for marriage!

We are a network of couples in over 90 nations teaching and coaching other couples. Our goal is to help equip marriages and families to fulfill God's purpose for their lives. We do this by bringing biblical principles to marriages and families all over the world using our small group courses: "Married for Life", "Parents for Life" and "One for Life". Christian principles for successful relationships are presented in a way that can be easily applied within any family.

2=1 Courses! Available worldwide!

2=1 Courses!  Available worldwide!

Is marriage "just a piece of paper"?

Today many people wonder if it is even possible to stay with one person for a whole lifetime. Well, God thought so when He designed marriage. Take time to invest in your marriage and learn of God's plan by joining one of our "Married for Life" Bible-based marriage courses. Get the tools and principles needed to beat the odds. Either join a group in your neighborhood or join one of our popular on line groups.

Register your interest here in our Marriage Course, or click the link below to find out more!

Be Trained to Lead 2=1 Courses

Learn how to coach a winning team!

If you are willing, we can train you to help. You need firm faith, trust in the Lord, and a willingness to invest in the lives of marriages and families. Do you have what it takes? We're looking for couples who want to make a difference.

Winning teams have great coaches! Every marriage needs someone who is willing to invest into their lives to help them be the best marriage they can be! Let God move through your marriage to change the devastating attack on marriage and family in your nation.

If you think you've got what it takes, sign up today for Coaches' Training! All of our courses affect powerful changes in lives--our marriage course "Married for Life", our parenting course "Parents for Life", or our marriage preparation course "One for Life".